About Us

About Us


As Feyzioğulları, we set our management goals to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction with our professional teams created based on the principles of "innovative and customized design" and "the belief that human is the most important resource and value." This approach forms the foundation of our corporate culture. We consider it our fundamental duty to plan structures according to the need, identify the right products, and carry out fieldwork correctly to provide many investors with long-lasting, high-quality, and need-fulfilling buildings.


In 1975, Feyzi Akyiğit left his hometown of Elazığ and moved to Istanbul, where he engaged in various trades. In 1992, he successfully completed his first construction project with his partners, and from then on, he ventured into the construction industry alongside his trading activities. Enes Akyiğit, the eldest son of Feyzi Akyiğit, separated from his father's group of companies and established the company "Feyzioğulları" with the aim of carrying his accumulated experience forward in line with his dreams.


Feyzioğulları aims to become a global brand among engineering and construction companies by implementing reliable, sustainable, and accessible lifestyle projects both domestically and internationally. To achieve this goal, we combine high-quality materials and technological innovations. As a team, we work meticulously at every stage to achieve the best results. With a customer-centric approach, we continuously strive to understand needs and exceed expectations. Adapting to changing global conditions, we consistently provide forward-looking solutions. At Feyzioğulları, we will continue to build the future by designing projects that contribute to societies.


We aim to design secure, high-quality, and cost-effective construction projects by thoroughly analyzing the needs of both society and the real estate sector. We strive to build and complete our projects while adhering to the work program determined in collaboration with our clients. Throughout these processes, we prioritize customer satisfaction in line with our corporate vision. Furthermore, we integrate environmentally friendly solutions in line with sustainability principles into our projects to address the needs of the future. We diligently keep our projects up-to-date by monitoring technological advancements and developments in our industry. We aspire to maintain a pioneering position in the construction sector by continuing our work in compliance with local and international standards. In achieving all these goals, we also take care of the development and happiness of our employees, as the value of our success lies in our human resources


At Feyzioğulları, we utilize the most advanced engineering technologies to design and construct individual living spaces, taking into account personal comfort and daily needs. Each project is approached with a customized, unique perspective to meet our customers’ expectations and dreams.

Our goal is not just to build structures but to create spaces that enhance people’s quality of life, combining aesthetics and functionality. Our designs, where every detail is carefully considered, aim to provide a personalized experience in both interior and exterior spaces.

Our standalone structures are made not only of concrete and steel but also of dreams and passions. Every building we construct has a unique identity that reflects a lifestyle. By using innovative solutions and technologies, we create comfortable and smart living spaces where people can meet the requirements of modern life.

At Feyzioğulları, we are committed to providing the best for every project with our vision for the future. Each structure exists not only for its intrinsic value but also to positively impact people’s lives. In this way, by combining engineering with a love for humanity, we contribute to building a more livable world

Enes Akyiğit

Chairman of the Board